Friday, January 24, 2014

Sam Solakyan Sponsors NCMEC CyberTipline

NCMEC and cyber tipline logo

Being a father of two, Sam Solakyan knows the true meaning of being a responsible parent. Looking after your own children is one thing, but it’s also important to look after kids that may not have someone to keep a watching eye on them. Since this is an issue that is close to Sam Solakyan’s heart, he is now sponsoring a training and development program for local law enforcement officials at the Museum of Tolerance from January 27 – 31. The program is crafted to help law enforcement officers respond and recover missing children. Another goal of the program is to educate retired officers about the CyberTipline which they will employ in order to guide and assist the search of missing children.

Sam Solakyan's Vital Imaging Research Collaboration with University of California San Diego

Vital Imaging Image of Business Man

Vital Imaging, always at the forefront of innovative and exciting developments, is continuing its collaborative effort with the University of California, San Diego to explore the physical impact carrying heavy military gear has on soldiers. The study utilizes Kinetic MRI technology, allowing researchers to monitor changes in the spine from multiple positions. The continued research is made possible by a second grant from the Department of Defense(DoD), to be allocated over the next three years.
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

CEO, Sam Solakyan, Sleeps on Los Angeles Streets for Good Cause

ceo's sleeping out on the street in sleepingbags during the covenant house sleep out

Every night thousands of kids seek shelter in a cardboard box, a lonely alley or a closed down warehouse to get some rest. This is the harsh reality of Los Angeles’ homeless youth that most of us are fortunate enough to never experience, but every year the Covenant House arranges the annual Covenant House Sleep Out where CEO’s, business men and women spend a night outside their comfy homes to raise awareness of the homeless kids of Los Angeles and nationwide. This year Sam Solakyan joined the Sleep Out and the experience was “unsettling to say the least.” 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sam Solakyan Combines Entrepreneurship with Philanthropy

light bulb with plant growing inside

Being a successful entrepreneur and business profile has given Sam Solakyan the opportunity to pursue his own personal goals, to work with passion on projects and to give back to the community. Such opportunities have brought great value to Sam’s life. Leading back to his childhood years, Sam’s urge to help people has been strong. There are moments of contemplation in every entrepreneurs life where they face the ultimate entrepreneurial dilemma: try to build something on their own or take a job working for someone else. For Solakyan the answer to that question has always been obvious. The entrepreneurial life has given him many opportunities to give back and make his community a better place. If he chose to follow down the path of another then Solakyan may not be able to do the philanthropy work he loves.

Given his experience with entrepreneurship, Solakyan now encourages those with even the smallest desire to become an entrepreneur to take the step and do it! To do something that you love and at the same time being able to help others brings great value to anyone’s life. It may seem like a giant step to take, but Sam’s belief is that the dream of creating something on your own is worth the risk. The road of an entrepreneur will certainly present challenges, however if you combine passion with persistence, you will eventually reach a state of satisfaction. Today, there are great assets and tons of information for anyone who wants to spread their entrepreneurial wings; a naturally huge advantage that wasn’t available to yesterday’s entrepreneurs. In essence, the dream of becoming an entrepreneur is closer than ever.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sam Solakyan Donates $100,000 to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Logo

Being a passionate father of two, the issue of children’s safety and wellbeing is close to Sam Solakyan’s heart. In the struggle to provide a safer world for our children the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children works hard to help children grow up in a safe and free environment.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vital Imaging Invests in Groundbreaking MRI Equipment

Sam Solakyan's doctor reading MRI

A spinal injury can sometimes cause more than physical pain. It can cause emotional suffering as it interferes with activities of daily life resulting in discomfort and immobility. Imagine not being able to play with your children, go hiking, or even moving the same way you’re used to; just the sheer thought can give you a slight feeling of anxiety. This is why I feel that vital imaging’s goal should be to consistently provide the best, most convenient imaging diagnosis possible so that we may continue to give our patients the chance to live a fulfilling life -- where pain is not a limitation.

The harsh reality is that the source of a spinal injury can sometimes be hard to detect. In traditional MRI’s, the body is laying down in a resting position. This naturally causes the spine to relax. This relaxed state isn’t able to represent the natural pressure that is put on the spine while standing up. A MRI that simulates the compression in the spine that occurs only while standing can provide a more accurate diagnosis. This simple distinction made the decision easy for Vital-Imaging to invest and add Dynawell® weight bearing devices to all of our traditional MRI machines. I’m positive this will have a great impact on people’s lives and make the quality of modern healthcare improve significantly.

Along with our new Dynawell® weight bearing systems, we now also provide our doctors with digital x-ray machines in selected sites. These digital x-ray machines are pioneering the way in imaging performance and web-based image transmission. This helps in the referral process of our doctors by allowing them to communicate using the best diagnostic images possible. Complementing the precise MRI-scanning with top-modern ultrasound machines gives the doctor the possibility to do an extremely thorough analysis of the patient.

Vital-Imaging’s ultimate goal is to give both patient and doctor the pinnacle of imaging technology. Our goal is to help doctors lead their patients on the path to a fully functional, healthy body so they can enjoy their freedom and not limit their everyday activities due to pain. With this technology, Vital-Imaging hopes to vastly improve our patients’ treatment - eliminating needless surgery and medication - so they can enjoy the healthy and active lifestyle they deserve.

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