Friday, February 21, 2014

Sam Solakyan on Los Angeles Foster Care System

Child and father holding hands

What defines a good childhood isn’t the amount of toys or money parents provide for their children. A happy and healthy childhood is characterized by the love and trust between a child and their guardian. The home should be a safe haven protected from the cruelties of the world. Unfortunately, some children are stuck with parents that are simply unfit to take care of a child. In these cases a foster home may be the appropriate solution. These children are often vulnerable after being exposed to violence and exploitation in their homes. It is everybody’s hope and belief that these children finally be placed in a safe environment where they will be treated with respect and live the life every child deserves. Sadly this is not always the reality America’s youth faces.

In 1986 California revised its legislation allowing for a privatized part of the foster care system. Since then the quality of many foster care systems has dropped significantly. Authorities now have less oversight of foster care families due to an inadequate screening process that fails to prevent even convicted criminals from becoming foster parents. Of the close to 60,000 children that end up in the L.A. foster care system every year, far too many become victims of abuse within their new home.This is an issue that must be dealt with before another child gets hurt. Recently, Sam Solakyan has involved himself in a potential solution. Solakyan is doing his part by spreading the word and supporting programs.

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